About Us

JPG StaffJPG Exhaust is a locally owned muffler shop in Oakville. We opened our first and only location in 1997 and plan to stay a local muffler shop. We did this so that we can maintain our quality of customer service and low prices.

At JPG Exhaust we care about your satisfaction
Our number one concern is making sure that you are happy with the price and the job. We’ll always do our best to go above and beyond. And you’ll never get any surprise charges. We are upfront about our prices and we are confident that you won’t find anything lower.

There's no reason to pay more than you need to.
At most muffler shops they will find the problem with your exhaust and replace the whole part, even if only a small section is broken. At JPG Exhaust we save you money by only fixing the broken section, instead of replacing the entire part.

Why pay for what's not broken?

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